The type of car you drive tells a story about your personality. Many car owners take great pride in their vehicles because they can often be extensions of ourselves. It is in this case that most owners will choose a vehicle that represents their own particular interests and reflects their values in life.

As part of Proton’s motto of Inspiring Connections, one of the best ways to do so is to understand how Proton is able to showcase different personalities based on the model of your Proton.

So the question is, what does your Proton car model say about you? Let’s find out!

Proton Saga

Intelligent Proposition

For those looking for: Style, Stability, Savings

Proton Saga is a car designed to fulfil all needs of people at affordable rates. Saga not only leaves the people in awe by its looks but has impressive performance on the road. With the advancement of technology, this car has also upgraded and continues to live up to its legacy. This model is perfect for those looking at practicality and economy. The people who drive these cars are usually very practical in their usage of a car, and enjoy the economical savings that come with driving modestly.

Proton Iriz

Intelligence That Excites

For those looking for: Sporty, Secure, Smart

The Proton Iriz was the first of its kind; a five-door sub-compact sporty hatchback that showcased Proton’s technological and design leaps. The Iriz is definitely a car for those looking for adventure and spontaneity, with a sporty ride boasting of superior ride and handling. Through multiple facelifts and redesigns, the Iriz is now undoubtedly a more modern accoutrement for that competitive edge in the market.

Proton Persona

Intelligence That Cares

For those looking for: Convenience, Comfort, Care

The Proton Persona is also known as the sedan version of the Iriz hatchback. The Persona offers a captivating drive with superb handling, unmatched comfort and improved safety. With its attractive exterior and efficient engine, as well as premium styling, the Persona reflects well on those with an ambition to succeed and go further, by providing a relaxing, comfortable drive.

Proton Exora

Intelligence That Moves

For those looking for: Space, Value, Performance

Built for families, the Proton Exora gives you the best of a compact MPV. The Exora is very spacious, pleasant, and perfect for families. Versatility and practicality, as well as value and performance are a few things that Exora owners share in terms of their personalities, especially for those looking for spacious comforts and an enjoyable ride.

Proton X50

Intelligence That Amazes

For those looking for: Design, Performance, Safety

The Proton X50 is Proton’s first entry-level SUV, offering four variants, two engine choices, with active safety systems on the 1.5 TGDI Flagship variant. With an exterior that really draws in the crowd, and an interior layout that works, the X50 is the perfect choice for those seeking comfort, design, performance and smart features that take driving to another level.

Proton X70

Intelligence That Inspires

For those looking for: Intelligent, Performance, Luxury

With a brand new look and unmatched innovations, the Proton X70 was a game changer for Proton when it was released, and remains one of the more popular models now. The X70 is a perfect car for those looking for those who seek control and power in everything that they do. Whether it is in performance, luxurious driving, outstanding ride and handling, this is a car that definitely gives you the intelligence, performance and luxury that bestows everything you come to love about the Proton brand.

As you can see, each car tells something different about the person driving it. So, do you think your Proton tells the right story about you?

We hope you enjoyed the article!

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